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Thursday, December 10, 2009

By way of Introduction

As I continously click my mouse, looking for jobs to be posted-it is almost like a game, who clicks the fastest, and at the right moment, to snag a job, I write this.

Huh, who would have thunk at this time in my life I would be with no future, no real job, no real prospects, and writing a blog.

Not so long ago I had a respectable job, earning real money, with health insurance! I walked away...

As I reflect on my life, decisions I have made, paths I have chosen, it all seems to be wrapped around my family. Not that it is all bad, just has shaped me. Trying to re-shape myself, break the roles I have been wrapped; in-mainly the care-giver, and never for myself.

My latest adventure saw me checking into a non-12 step rehab. facility in order to figure out my life and control my alchohol consumption.

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Middle age...gads, how did I get here? With a new limited beverage selection. I think some of this can be traced to those life experiences, visited upon me by my family. In no particular order, the following stories have shaped my life.