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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Movie Madness- Are You Serious?!

Yesterday I was in a funk; felt crappy, restless, tired. I was contemplating getting and drinking a bottle of wine-yeah that thinking happens once in awhile-just be aware.

I figure I should get out of the house and do something. I decided to go see a movie. (I am not a huge movie-goer-I can not sit still that long, nor do I like large groups of people).

I get my ticket and my bag of outrageously priced popcorn. I find my theater and am nicely surprised that no one is in there but me! I get all comfy, feet up, munching popcorn while watching my flick.

About 10 minutes into the film, a couple comes in-not sure the relationship; 40 ish man and woman.

They sit right in front of me! 300 seats, my feet on THAT one, and they sit there!

I, of course say, "Seriously? You have the whole theater to sit in!"

They get up and move-right behind me!!

Before they even sit down, they are chatting...they never shut up! A running dialouge throughout the movie, laughing at serious parts.

I tuned them out, figuring they were mentally deranged. And in the mood I was in, I figure best to keep my mouth shut, and I was into the movie.

The last few minutes, the finale, their cell phone goes off. Instead of answering or silencing, it just keeps on ringing....

Really? There are people this insensitive/rude out there?

I missed all this during my reclusiveness?? Hmmm....

But I didn't have that wine, or any other alcohol, just a stomach ache from that bad, expensive popcorn.

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