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Friday, January 29, 2010


I took up smoking a pipe awhile back-the tobacco kind-the legal tobacco kind. It is soothing and one of the few vices I have left.

I brought it and my tobacco to rehab., not sure I was allowed to have it, but yes, I was able to smoke there. I usually ended the day puffing away by the fire with my other rehab homies.

As we were not able to smoke inside or in group, I thought it would be funny to get a bubble pipe and 'pretend' to smoke in group one day.

The nice thing was they did let us out in public-chaperoned, but we could leave the site. I found a set, mind you, of bubble pipes-score!

The next morning I fill my 'pipe' with that soap bubble liquid and off I go.

With a real pipe, you suck in, with a bubble pipe, you blow out.

Note to self, I need to blow out.

Of course I take a big breath and suck in all that soapy crap! Spew! And then after having my mouth washed out with soap, I drop the "f" bomb, continuously. Then proceed to throw my bubble pipes away.

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