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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ground Hog Day

It came early this year! And my name is Trapper John.

I was out doing yard work the other day, removing brush, leaves, when I happen upon a large hole in the yard, with it leading to a den.

Hmmm, rather large hole would equal a rather large animal. I was leaning toward a badger or coyote. With spring coming, I figure I didn't need little critters calling this home.

I went to Animal Control and picked up a live trap. I baited it with the smelliest cheapest cat food. Night one, nothing, except the food is gone.

The next day, the trap is closed. And noise is coming out, like MEOW. I had caught the neighbor cat.

The next day, microwave popcorn, I'm tired of spending 33 cents a can. Again the trap is closed. Another creature, and it is not meowing!

I peer into the cage and see a brownish-gray rodent, rabbit? No ears.

I assume it is just the biggest ass ground squirrel in the world, I free it and down the hole it goes, maybe to have tea with Alice?

I am watching Ground Hog day this weekend, as that seems to be my current life. As they pull Puxatawny Phil from the box, it hits me! It wasn't a ground squirrel, it's a Groundhog.

I shall be selling tickets for the left coast's ground hog day. Come see the Marmot!!

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