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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Gym Saga

Before rehab I had never set foot inside a gym, never really had the need or desire.

Part of rehab was to attune body and mind. We had a gym at the facility, open 24/7, as well as a personal trainer.

So began my experience working out. I had decided ahead of checking in, I would not bring tennis shoes, so I would not have to work out. I had to work out barefooted....

So, I recently started going to one of the local gyms, geez, what an experience!

Day one, I am on a machine and cut my eyes over to the chicklet next to me. Perfectly coiffed hair, completely made up, with her wonder bra pushing her boobs out as far as is legal, wearing her knock-off Gucci sunglasses. Yes, indoors.
I didn't get that memo.

Day two, I am on my machine, all alone in the gym. In comes a young stud muffin. There are at least 5 treadmills, he choses the one directly in front of me. I had to bite my tongue as to not make comments or purr, as a cougar might. There he stands, stretching on the tread mill, bending over, flexing...

What is this? I go to the gym in my grubbies and work out.

I sure have missed alot...I guess it is good to get out more.

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