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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A New Life Experience-A Pink Slip

Yesterday I was Pink-Slipped along with 136 other certificated employees in my school district. This is the way of education in California-budget cuts lead to employee cuts.

I am not upset about my position, it is ridiculous. I work in a temporary position, which will end in April. I knew this when I was hired. I work 14 hours a week...woohoo, it is almost enough to pay my electric bill.

What really irritates me is the resources; human and otherwise used to print up and deliver 137 Pink Slips. 8 for people who knew their positions were temporary.

So far, none of the district office personnel have taken cuts or lost jobs...
Instead, class sizes are increased, teachers are decreased.

Is it any wonder why the Sate of Education in California is the lowest in the nation?! This is just the beginning...

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