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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The State of California and it's Educational System

We all know it sucks, but it is beginning to suck just a bit more.

This year in most districts, Kindergarten went from half a day to a full day, and from a limit of 20 students to 32+ in a classroom.

In a certain district, the substitute teacher rate pay was just dropped, no warning, mid-year, 'due to the state of the economy and budget cuts'.

Substitute teachers walk in to a class on any given day, not knowing what to expect. Are there lesson plans, or do they have to punt for 7 hours? What hell will the students try?

They glean little respect from the staff, or students, hell, they're 'just a substitute'.

So now instead of $120 a day, pay has been cut to $100 a day.

This includes long-term substitutes, those hired for a week to even a year, with all responsibilities of a full-time teacher, but with no benefits.

It is difficult to find decent substitutes to begin with, but with a pay cut?

Good luck California.

The exodus has just begun. Not since the Great Depression has the number of people trying to cross the border been so low...and it's not because of the Border Patrol.

The Land of Milk and Honey has dried up.

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