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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I want a new drug!

Seems there is a new one on the market...

Not sure why no one pushes these, or even mentions it. When I go to the Doctor's I usually have 2-3 scripts for some unknown ailment.

I digress, Naltrexone!!! A glimmer of hope for those with drinking problems. (I loathe the word alcoholic-labeled that way you have no hope.)

Naltrexone is a drug, taken daily that cuts the cravings for alcohol. Studies with it show cravings subsiding , and much less drinking, and you don't puke!! (The other drugs available are all based on aversion-you drink-you puke!)

This sounds promising, the cravings are difficult to overcome, if not impossible, alone.

I do not advocate taking drugs, even prescriptions, but if this helps someone that wants to stop drinking and is unable, why not try it?!

Anything to get that monkey off your back.

Why is this drug not widely touted?! Sounds like a break through. We are not all homeless bums lying in a gutter. Will power alone does not always work.

Check it out...was approved by the FDA, it is available! Naltrexone....

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