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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chase Bank

If I am not mistaken, Chase was bailed out a few months back, as they had no money. And yesterday they were giving bonuses to their big-wigs.
My, must be nice to be given money and then pass it on to the ne-er do wellers.

I guess Chase won't be using my money anymore to pay those bonuses.

I have, wait, had, a Chase credit card, which I paid monthly, overpaid as a matter of fact, never a late payment for the past six years.

Chase wrote me a very lovely letter yesterday-cancelling my account.

I called yesterday and was put on hold for forty minutes, right up til closing time, then click!

Tried again this morning, and the explanation was it had nothing to do with my Chase account, it had to do with two other non-related accounts with other banks.

I can't imagine I am that bad, my credit score used to be perfect, until maybe 3 months ago-costly divorce, no work, etc.

Good Luck with those payments Chase! Now I have no reason to pay, much less no means to travel to look for employment.

Maybe Chase can hire me??

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