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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wells Fargo-Woohoo!!

Approximately 3 months ago I opened a CD at the local Wells Fargo branch, for $5 K. I spent well over an hour trying to open it, as the chicklet had never done one of these before. She also kept my license and ATM card at the end, so I needed to go back and retrieve-I was so done, I did not notice she never gave them back.

I understand interest rates suck, unless you are Chase credit card, but seriously?!

I got my maturity letter today, for 3 months on $5000, I made..............$1.89.

Yes, me too, thinking it was a mistake, called the bank, nope, interest rate of .15%

What is wrong with this picture? I am sure I could have gotten that in a regular savings account.

I am not money dumb, I need to find original paperwork, because I don't remember signing up for that. And I was sober!!

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