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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alcoholics Anonymous-You Know..for the kids!

This is one of the more bothersome aspects of the Alcoholic's Anonymous Program to me;
allowing children to attend meetings.

I have some baggage with this also, as I was forced to attend 'Family Week' in an Alcohol Rehabilitation Program as a teen with my family-It was soo detrimental!!

So I go to my meeting this morning, and there is someones child there, at the table, maybe 10 or 11 years old.

First, the language in these meetings is unbelievable! The "F" bomb is dropped more often than I use it! (That's alot!) And the topics discussed are not child appropriate.

I also have a problem with children in attendance as I work with the local children in community programs, I do not need to be pointed out, uh-huh-anonymous?!

Around Christmas one of the attendees mentioned that they would be bringing their children to the Christmas meeting, as they had grown up with the program, and enjoyed the meetings! Keep in mind these children are 12 and under!!

Growing up in an alcoholic environment is not easy, but to attend meetings ?!

WTF are these parents thinking? Maybe that's it, they drank their brains away.

Seriously, in my mind, this borders on child abuse.

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