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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

This book was written by Chris Prentiss of Passages, Malibu.

This book has changed my life as well as leading me to the road of recovery.

For years I had been looking for help with alcohol, AA didn't work....what else was there? Seemed I was doomed.

I found this book, and began reading. To me, it made sense! Figure out what is behind the self-medicating with alcohol, what issues lead me to my current behaviors.

The book is not for everyone I am sure, nor is Passages, but for some, it is a life-saver.

The approach is holistic; mind, body, soul-not just the 'don't drink' approach.

One needs to be open and ready to change, I was. I called Passages Malibu, and spoke with both Chris and Pax. They were very open and caring, yeah, I know it is a business.

Malibu was a bit too pricey, as my insurance covered not one red cent.

Another option was the newbastard sister, Passages in Port Hueneme, CA, a bit up the coast.

I had called many treatment centers, all AA based. The cost was minimal, the locations desolate, and one had to be sober for 36 hours upon checking in, huh? If I could do that, I wouldn't need a rehab center.

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