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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vitamins and Hot Tamales

One of the main goals of rehab was to change our brain chemistry. Vitamins were a huge part, you were given a custom vitamin regimen, depending on your drug of choice.

My regimen consists of a dozen different vitamins. As I can not swallow pills well, I have to do one vitamin at a time, spread out over a few hours. I usually have a few left over when I leave the house, so I put them in my pocket to take through the day.

While you detox from alcohol, it seems your body craves sugar. I have never been one with a sweet tooth, but in rehab, I 'found' Hot Tamales to be a crutch, you know those red hot candies. I usually can be found with a few in my pocket.

So, I am in a classroom of 32 kindergartners one day, and am munching on my Hot Tamales. I pop one in my mouth, and bite down. OMG!! The most noxious taste explodes into my mouth.

Instead of a Hot Tamale, I had popped a Fish Oil Pill.

Think of the scene in Big, where Tom Hanks ate caviar....

I have no way of leaving the room, much less am I able to yell expletives. I try scrapping my tongue with a Kleenex, now my tongue has fuzzy anchovy oil on it....

Lots of water, a plugged nose, and time, and the taste dissapated.

I now make sure I carefully examine each Hot Tamale before popping. I also put vitamins in one pocket, Hot Tamales in another.

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